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You can perform the Wavlink extender setup either utilizing a wired connection or via a wireless network. New users are being prescribed to set up the range extender through a wired connection through the Ethernet link. You should utilize an internet browser setup technique to have more information about the features by accessing or www.Wifi.wavlink.com and the different functions of the Wavlink range extender.

Steps to setup a Wavlink range extender in a home network

  • Unbox the range extender and change its antennas.

  • Note: You can take the assistance of the Quick setup guide that shows up with the range extender.

  • Connect the range extender to a power source.

  • When the range extender effectively gets turned on, continue toward the PC or versatile and turn on its Wifi.

  • Examine the accessible Wi-fi networks.

  • Connect with the Extender's Wi-fi network utilizing the default remote settings.

  • Note: You can find the extender's default Wireless Settings on the Wi-fi setup card that shows up with it.

  • Ensure you apply the right Wi-fi password if not you will not get connected.

  • When you get connected with the extender's network, open a program on the PC.

  • Type or wavlink.com on the location bar of the program.

  • Hit enter and the setup page shows up on the screen.

  • Type down the default login secret key in the given field and hit Login.

  • The default login secret phrase of the Wavlink range extender login window is "administrator".

  • Select the Country locales, Time zone, and dole out a login password.

  • Appoint the Time zone starting from the drop list. It depends on the locale from where you are working the extender.

  • Click Next when you finish.

  • Customize the Wi-fi settings by appointing another Network Name and Wi-fi password to install wavlink repeater. If you have any desire to apply a similar Wi-fi password to both the Wi-fi groups, select the "Utilization similar secret word for both the networks" choice.

  • Appoint a security level to a router's network.

  • Note: Do not dole out an open security level to the router. It makes a blockage for obscure users to deny you from getting to the network.

  • When done click Next.

  • Presently audit the settings you made with the assistance of the synopsis page.

  • Click Finish.

  • The range extender starts the reboot cycle to apply the settings you made.

  • Trust that two or three seconds will allow the cycle to finish.

  • Once done, go to the work area and connect with the extender's network utilizing new Wireless settings.

  • Once connected login to the wifi.wavlink.com connect utilizing a new login secret key.

  • Click Login.

  • You can get to the settings of the repeater to configure wavlink extender according to your preferences.

You can move the range extender once the setup process finishes. You can take the assistance of the sign LED of the Wavlink range extender to track down a fitting area for the gadget. Assuming the blue LED shows up on the Signal LED, it implies the Wi-fi range extender is in a decent spot, and on the off chance that the Red LED shows up, it implies you want to keep the primary router nearer to the range extender.

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